marți, 1 februarie 2011

The W (and M) List

Many thanks to blogger Rebecca Thorman for adding me to the growing W list of "quality women (and men) bloggers." Check out her blog, Modite, which "gives advice to navigate beyond the line of work and play, based on real experiences. It’s engagement for the next generation, and the young at heart, like you."

I was glad to see some of my other favorite bloggers on the list, including Alexandra Levit, Marci Alboher, Andrea Learned and Penelope Trunk.

To add my two cents to the growing list, I'd add:

  • The Women's DISH
  • Christine Hassler
Plus all the other great blogs listed in my blogroll. Thank you again, Rebecca!
Check out the W (and M) list here. It's an interactive list, so add your favorites as well!


Rebecca Thorman said...
Thank you for spreading the word, Lindsey! I look forward to your future posts.
Tiffany said...
Lindsey, Thanks for the comment. I found your blog through Rebecca's version of this list, so glad you found me through it as well! I was actually thinking about your previous post the other day because one of my friends told me she sends 5,000-6,000 text messages each month, while I send 5-6. Maybe. So I'm not into all the short speak either! Anyway, I look forward to getting to know you more and continuing to read your blog. Thanks again!
Gail McDaniel said...
Lindsay - Thanks for your blogging inspiration. Because of you, I started my own blog: Oh no, now I have to do this on a regular basis. One question, do you know a good way to put yourself in Google? We have been trying with varying results. Writing a review of a book in Amazon works for some, but did not work for me. I appreciate any help you can give. Keep up your great blogging. Gail