marți, 1 februarie 2011

I'm in today's New York Times (totally unrelated to writing, blogging or career advice!)

Exciting Friday news! My fiance Evan and I are featured in the article "Home Sweet...Yikes!" in today's New York Times, on the front page of the "Escapes" section.

Thanks to reporter Dan Levin for interviewing us (and calling us "urban sophisticates!").

Check out the article: "Home Sweet...Yikes!"


Greg said...
Great stuff and congrats on the house.
Tammy said...
so cool! especially because you and Evan are the lede!!
Bill said...
Lindsey & Evan, Allow me to add my congratulations on your purchase of a new suburban home. You both can begin a concurrent career in "Hammock Testing". Best of luck to you both. Bill Pockels Hunter College Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences Student